Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day

“Teeth in a Day” is a dental implant solution to provide edentulous patients with an efficient and effective restoration all in one day. This technique was developed to simplify treatment in full-mouth rehabilitation in edentulous patients by placement of titanium implants in each jaw. This technique stabilizes bone levels in the jawbone to prevent deterioration of facial structure. New teeth are provided same-day as implant surgery so patients leave the office with a new set of fixed teeth.

Who is eligible for the procedure?

  1. Patients with no teeth or significant tooth loss
  2. Patients who currently wear dentures or will need dentures
  3. Patients who have bone loss that prevents them from getting traditional dental implants
  4. Patients with diabetes, osteoporosis, and other health conditions that are contraindicated for bone grafting

What are the advantages?

  1. Immediate result and satisfaction
  2. Improves appearance by providing natural-looking teeth that feel and work like natural teeth
  3. Success rates are higher than traditional implant techniques
  4. Requires no or minimal bone grafting because implants are placed at an angle that allows for increased contact of bone
  5. Procedure is performed in a single day, including the surgery and placement of fixed, non-removable teeth
  6. Highly hygienic, easy to maintain and clean, and never need to be removed
  7. Significantly reduces healing time compared to conventional implant methods
  8. Improves overall eating

How is it different from dentures?

  1. Do not have to be taken out
  2. No need for adhesives
  3. Do not press on gums, therefore, more comfortable
  4. Allow you to bite with increased force so you can eat your favorite foods again
  5. Prevents bone deterioration
  6. Restores facial features
  7. Allows you to experience cold and hot foods

What are some of the steps needed?

  1. During your consultation at Blair Ridge Dental, we provide an examination, X-ray, and 3D CT scan which can be completed at our office.
  2. You will consult with one of the local oral surgeons with whom Blair Ridge Dental has established a working relationship.
  3. You will complete steps to prepare for surgery at Blair Ridge Dental which allows for teeth to be ready for the day of surgery and determination of the best locations for your dental implants.
  4. Surgery (placement of dental implants) will take place at the surgeon’s office. A doctor from Blair Ridge Dental will be at the surgeon’s office to place fixed, non-removable teeth. These teeth are a transitional prosthetic that are worn during the healing phase to provide comfort and stability while the dental implants heal.
  5. After a healing time of three to six months, the permanent, non-removable teeth are made. These teeth are reinforced to provide stable and fixed long-term teeth.

Please contact Blair Ridge Dental for a consultation at 319-396-3596.

Words from Our Patients

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“They are so understanding and patient. They give you multiple options to make your care more individualized and work for you. I have never been happier with a dentist. 100% would recommend them to everyone.”- Amber L.

“Thank you for excellent patient care. I am grateful for such wonderful staff here at Blair Ridge Dental. You all should be commended for your dedication, excellence, and commitment.”– Kristina

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